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Coffee By Design has a rad new partner

Sterling Salzberg
2 min read

One small step for Rad Plaid, one huge step for Portland’s local music scene! As most of you know, we’re always looking for ways to support, expose, and bring more people into our incredible music scene. Recently, we had a sit down with Portland’s favorite cup ‘o joe, Coffee By Design. Together we pondered if we could share our events through their vast network, their partners, and exclusively at each of their locations throughout Maine. I may be paraphrasing, but long story short, they said, “yep!”

Sterling & Caitlin at Coffee By Design 25th Anniversary. Photo by Amy Paradysz
Sterling & Caitlin at Coffee By Design 25th Anniversary. Photo by Amy Paradysz

Over the last 25 years, Coffee By Design has become one of Portland’s most prestigious institutions growing to encompass more than just socially conscious coffee but the hearts and taste buds of our community. Time has seen them grow beyond the mug and into helping enrich our culture, our social awareness, and our local music and arts. Since Rad Plaid started, Coffee By Design has shown nothing but support for us, our mission, and the local music scene. They were among the first to place our posters in each of their shops. Today we’re excited to announce that together we hope to shine an even brighter light on the incredible local music community we all hold so dear.

So, what does that mean? For starters, to anyone who’s tried to put up a flyer, knows that the chances of it being seen or even staying up through a day are incredibly slim. Partnering with the several physical locations of Coffee By Design allows us to share flyers in an exclusive and prominent spot with much less concern for vandalism or lost eyeballs.

Additionally, Coffee By Design has agreed to pass along our recommended live music listings digitally to their distributors, sellers, and other partners. Along with our weekly curated listings for our users, we’ll now be providing local music events to CBD’s extensive network of potential new fans.

If you haven’t signed up yet, join now to take advantage, and make sure your events are on Rad Plaid. Every week we send out curated listings based on popularity, editor recommendations, and your favorite genres. Already added your event and want more of a boost? Contact us about our Certified Rad and physical promotion services.

We’re beyond stoked to be working with Coffee By Design and believe this is a huge win for local music and Portland. This is just the beginning!

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