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Enter Crystal Canyon’s Dream World in Their New Single "Seasick"

Olive Twombly
1 min read

Portland-based shoegazey rock outfit Crystal Canyon has released a new single titled “Seasick” to begin their initial ramping up of momentum for their as-of-now untitled second album. Their latest single weaves a beautifully dissociated floating ocean world for the listener to grow gills and breathe deep. The song’s bright guitars and vocal melody are lighter than much of the group’s previously released work, but with deliciously sinister undertones. It’s one of those tracks with an earwormy thing that is not immediately apparent, but after the first few listens, “Seasick“ will come dizzily and dreamily whirling around your mind throughout your day.

Crystal Canyon live at Geno's Rock Club

Crystal Canyon is a very active Portland-based group, a cornerstone of the darker and moodier faction of the indie scene. Lynda Mandolyn formed the band in 2015 as an outfit to perform songs she’d written. As the group continues, their songwriting process has evolved and become more collaborative, infused with collective vision in a more significant way. The band cites influences from Joni Mitchell to My Bloody Valentine in shaping their style. I hear some Mazzy Star vibes coming through on “Seasick, “ and I love it!

Enjoy the single, and expect a new full-length album from Crystal Canyon later in 2020!

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