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Flounce’s Self-Titled EP Lets The Sunshine In

Olive Twombly
1 min read
Flounce live at PHOME, photo by Cam Jones

With their debut EP, up-and-coming quartet Flounce release four amazing songs with a super current sound. The group’s work is nestled right in a nexus of old sounds that have been coming together in a new way. Flounce incorporates jazz, funk, psychedelic, lounge, and pop influences on this debut EP to create an irresistibly good vibration. Any song from this bunch would fit into a contemporary pop mix seamlessly alongside the likes of Anderson .Paak, The Weeknd, Thundercat, Ariana Grande, and Lizzo.

Each band member really shines, but particularly well-highlighted is Emily Bodley’s vocal prowess and empowered lyricism. Recorded at Main St Music Studios in Brewer, ME, the production is very crisp and not overzealous. Songs sound stripped-down and intimate without the unpolished, rough feel. Each part is super tight and very, very clear, showcasing the incredible talent of each band member.

The songs’ messages are optimistic and affirming. To trust oneself and to tap into one’s own inherent sublimity is the greatest gift a person can receive. Still, there is only one possible giver of this gift. Themes of finding healthy love, standing by your boundaries, and living in empowerment. If you feel you’ve lost your bearings and want to rediscover your own personal shine, this a great suite of songs. This mindset raises a sense of wonder. Personally, I found a lot of joy waiting for me in this EP. In this uneasy time, may it bring you a smile.

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