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How to Survive the Robot Apocalypse— Captured! By Robots are Coming to Portland

Olive Twombly
1 min read

Calling All Hardcore Fans & Novelty Seekers Alike

Captured! By Robots is the most literal name possible for this act, which is as much a painstakingly engineered performance art piece as it is a musical group. Their music is grindcore with hints of industrial & ambient noise which stands strong on its own. However, what makes Captured! By Robots remarkable is the concept. They are a deeply misanthropic collective of machines created by one human who was outplayed and overpowered by his robots, forced into the role of their gimpy human vocalist.

The group has had other robotic members who have retired, but the current lineup sticks to the classic power trio — the one regular convention in a totally out of the box band. There’s J-Bot, the human slave who screams in endless torment. GTRBOT666 simultaneously plays guitar & bass with a complex set of hydraulic “fingers.” GTRBOT666 has even been known to challenge human guitarists to compete with them — though it seems all in an effort to remind us of our pathetic human flaws. And finally, DRMBOT0110 whose blastbeats could go on indefinitely with perfect timing — much to the envy of every hardcore drummer alive.

Bizarrely delightful, their live performances bring to life the characters of this one-of-a-kind act in the stage banter between songs. The robots’ cartoonish voices and hateful mockery of humans give the live show a campy, comedic feel even while the music melts your face clean off.

“Endless Circle of Bullshit” Captured! By Robots

If after checking out their video you decide you’d rather do anything other than attending their show Saturday, October 5th at Geno’s, just know that when it comes time to be judged by Our Future Robotic Overlords you will be too lame to make the cut.

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