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Kristina Kentigian Speaks On Getting Over It: “Not Another Love Song”

Olive Twombly
1 min read

Opening with catchy, ethereal chimes Kristina Kentigian’s new single is chardonnay in a bubble bath for your headphones. After all, luscious self-care is just what a girl needs when trying to move on from love unreturned. Aptly titled, “Not Another Love Song” speaks to the obsession, denial, self-consciousness, and ultimately the strength to keep your head up — representing the other side of the swept-off-your-feet love story we’re all told to expect. It’s this emotional dexterity and honest clarity that elevate Kentigian’s songwriting to that place of special femme magic we see in the work of the great women of R&B — a path she is following with deft care. The conflicted emotional space of the lyrics is reflected in the instrumentation as well. The opening chimes & optimistic hip hop beat are contrasted by a gorgeously melancholic clarinet melody which lingers forlornly behind the song’s chorus. Local R & B, pop, and soul fans are advised to keep an eye out for Kristina’s new material — as well as her frequent collaborations with local heavy-hitters like Kyle Friday, Sarah Violette, and Spose. You can listen to the new track on of your favorite streaming services.

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