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Local Record Label Works Hand in Hand with Local Immigrants & Farmworkers

Sterling Salzberg
1 min read

Portland-based record label, Pretty Purgatory, went through their roster of the last six years and crafted a truly unique compilation of gems titled, And yet, softly to benefit Mano en Mano's Estamos Aquí Mutual Aid Fund for Immigrants and Farmworkers in Maine. The album is available exclusively through their Bandcamp and will only be online until May 18th. To aid in their impact, Pretty Purgatory will also be matching the first $150 in sales.

The compilation features 27 previously unreleased tracks, including contributions from musicians involved in almost every single Pretty Purgatory album going back to their first releases in 2014. The limited release encompasses all of the furthest afield sounds in their catalog: meditative dreamscapes, kinetic pop, mellifluous balladry, hook-heavy electro, searing rockers, delicate art-song, and everything in between.

Mano en Mano, Estamos Aquí

Mano en Mano is a non-profit organization that has been supporting the immigrant community in Downeast Maine since 2005. In the 1990s, the small town of Milbridge experienced a rapid influx of migrant farmworkers who had decided to leave the "migrant stream" and settle in rural Maine. Mano en Mano formed to support this burgeoning community and future immigration, ensure access to language services and affordable housing, increase educational and economic opportunity, and foster community leadership, social justice, and equity.

Mano en Mano's Estamos Aquí Fund is a mutual aid fund to support immigrants and farmworkers in Maine with financial challenges associated with COVID-19, especially those who are not eligible for government support right now.

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