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Lynda Mandolyn's New Single "Be All Right"

Olive Twombly
1 min read

Maybe you know her from Tiger Bomb, maybe you know her from Crystal Canyon, maybe you’ve just seen her around and thought, “man, that chick’s badass!” Singer and guitarist Lynda Mandolyn recently released a new single, “Be All Right,” which she & Serge Vladimiroff of Cushing recorded and mixed at their house during stay-at-home and sent off to Pat Keane to be mastered.

The song’s lyrics speak of the breakdown of romance, ending in a repetition of the affirmation anyone in that situation — and plenty of people in whatever situation they’re in right now — needs to hear:

“I know it will all be alright.”

The song’s sound is nostalgic and bittersweet, an ambiance Lynda excels in creating.

Lynda doesn’t lose reality in an optimistic message. Acknowledging that things will always be alright so long as we take the actions necessary to ensure it, she has graciously pledged all proceeds from the single, priced on Bandcamp at $1 or more to the Maine Medical Center COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

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