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New Music: Capisic Releases Debut Self-Titled EP

Olive Twombly
2 min read
Capisic: Pat Heelan, Mike Bryant, & Mike King
Capisic: Pat Heelan, Mike Bryant, & Mike King

Perhaps you’ve seen them around — Capisic has been actively gigging since this spring, and now the time has come for them to release their first EP, Capisic. Following the release of their single “Letdown” in late September along with “Alone” released in late October, the EP contains two more songs unheard by anyone who hasn’t yet made it to one of their live shows.

Of the four songs on this straight-to-the-point EP, previously unreleased track “Bad Guy” is, in my opinion, the catchiest and most singalong-able. Though really every one of their songs has such relatable lyrics and melodies to stick in your head for days. I doubt anyone could resist toe-tapping and humming along. Go ahead, try it. If that doesn’t get you, the rhythm section will. With the high-energy, crashy drumming, and a meaty bass tone you could sink your teeth into these songs are undeniably infectious.

As a band, Capisic creates a brilliant retrospective in the evolution of ‘90s punk rock. A lot has happened in this time, as in the last nine years or so, and punk has become more of an attitude than a cohesive genre marked by particular stylistic traits. Punk has formed a diaspora, hybridizing into many subgenres that would hardly be recognizable as the sloppy, aggressively charged, concise, and flippantly abrasive music created by and for angry teens in the 70s and 80s. Capisic takes their sound from the point in punk’s evolution when it fully integrated with alternative, took to the airwaves, and ubiquitously created the ambiance of skate parks and dive bars of the ‘90s and 2000s. It perfectly captures everything great about that sound. Nostalgic but not tired, their work is fun, accessible feel-good music about feeling bad. Listening to this EP is like finding a Polaroid of your younger self drinking PBR on the porch amid grinning friends. In a time in music where many artists are looking forward and combining influences we’ve never heard together, Capisic has an impressive clarity of vision in distilling the magic of a prior decade.

Check out the just-released album above. You can also catch Capisic live playing their new tracks and more at Sun Tiki on December 20th along with Thems That Wait and Pig Boat. Follow the show on Rad Plaid for more details.

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