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Video Premiere: Seepeoples "All Wrong"

Sterling Salzberg
1 min read

SeepeopleS, best known for their infamously Facebook banned music video, New American Dream, animated by Pete List (Celebrity Death Match / MTV), have released a new lyrical video for "All Wrong," created by Sparxsea.

"All Wrong" was essentially my attempt, or an attempt by my 20-year-old self, to express my feelings about our global capitalist society. I had already been arrested a few times. I was developing strong opinions about the world as I became exposed to injustice in every direction. From top to bottom, in the name of money and wealth to uphold a hierarchical society that I came to view as unnatural, racist, sexist, classist, un-compassionate, and very often, evil. —Will Bradford (SeepeopleS)

Never one to shy away from addressing the issues of the world, SeepeopleS interrupted their new release schedule to share this video with us. The song was written twenty years ago and was released on the SeepeopleS' debut album, For The Good Of The Nation (RascalZRecordZ 2002), co-produced by Will Holland (Pixies, Fall Out Boy, Chilllhouse Studios).

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