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"Staying In" with Forget, Forget's New Music Video Is Not So Bad

Olive Twombly
1 min read

Perhaps you can reach way back into the far recesses of your memory, you will recall a time. Maybe even as recently as two months ago. When staying the heck at home was a rare treat. When FOMO was an option. Before quarantine-midday-napping was a thing. Local indie-pop group Forget, Forget take us back to those golden days in their new music video for “Staying In.”

The video is sweet and straightforward, depicting band members playing their instruments from the comfort of home. The band’s cute synthpop aesthetic shines so much positivity to their audience. The message of the song reminds us that despite the first round of things reopening underway, staying home is pretty sweet anyhow. We still have a long way to go before testing, research, and treatment have caught up to our desire for connection. Already, so many artists, performers, healers, and the like have worked hard to help boost our feelings of meaningful connection in the face of our physical separation. Over the last few weeks, I have at times asked myself, “Did I really feel less alone before all this? Or did I just see more people? Did I just feel so overwhelmed and busy that I didn’t notice it?” In “Staying In” Forget, Forget expound on the virtues of enjoying the cozy solace of your own home, and I really think they’re onto something.

Check out the video — what? You got something better to do?? — and keep up with Forget, Forget, on social media for a regular dose of infectious positivity!

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