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Planetary Access Make First Contact with the Next Generation

Olive Twombly
2 min read
Emilia Dahlin’s new family-oriented concert series, The Kids Are Alright

Local hip-hop staples Sarah Violette & Myles Bullen joined forces to form the duo Planetary Access and have created something incredible. Following the release of their debut EP Sent From A Treehouse in February, the pair were selected by singer-songwriter Emilia Dahlin for her new family-oriented concert series at Portland Public Library.

Emilia’s focus on bringing the vibrant musical culture that Portland has developed to families is extraordinary. As a longtime member of our musical community, it’s impressive to see her so passionately bridging the gap between family life and music. Exposure to live music helps keep us in touch with our emotional selves, which is a lifelong learning process of great importance. Enjoyment of music is not an experience limited solely to adults who like to stay out late, nor should it be. The initiative taken by Ms. Dahlin to create broader access to quality live performances by locals who are genuinely passionate about their craft is worthy of a standing ovation.

Sent From a Treehouse. Album Cover Art by Anna Kohlweis.

When asked how she feels about performing for the next generation, Sarah expressed delight and gratitude that the group has formed a message that can reach anyone.

“I feel like our album is really digestible and has a good message to it. I’ve only been able to write this material because of working with Myles. Working with him is like chemistry class — you put different things together and it’s kind of a surprise what comes out of it!” — Sarah Violette, Planetary Access

The group’s new EP is, in fact, entirely appealing to people of all ages; it taps into the essential human instincts of love and wonderment. If you have kids, bring them to tomorrow’s event at the library! If you’re not trying to be that one weirdo with no kids at a family-oriented show, do not fret! Planetary Access performs again at The Apohadion, March 16th.

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