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Ride Into the Sun—Andrew LaVogue: "Oh, Sunny Day!"

Dylan Metrano
1 min read

On the heels of summer arriving in Maine, Andrew LaVogue brings us “Oh, Sunny Day”, his instrumental debut single. LaVogue is a midwest transplant who formerly played in the Portland band the Early Mornings.

A virtuosic composer and guitar player, who here shows admirable restraint and taste, LaVogue conjures the feeling of the hazy sunset featured on this single’s cover photo. LaVogue carefully layers several guitar parts to create “Oh, Sunny Day”. The song slowly builds on John Fahey-like droney hypnotic fingerpicking, layering surfy tremolo flourishes, and sweet serpentine melodies.

LaVogue’s guitar playing isn’t too showy or cerebral, but instead, he sets a mood and rides into the sun for a solid four minutes. I find this music calming. A full suite of LaVogue’s songs would be the perfect soundtrack to driving alone through the ghost town that is the world today.

Andrew LaVogue’s “Oh, Sunny Day” is available to purchase on Bandcamp and to stream on Spotify.

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