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SeepeopleS New Music Video "Blink" Reminds Us To Stay Present

Olive Twombly
1 min read

I’ve always wondered what people did when a plague hit. From the depths of quarantine, the mastermind behind local indie group SeepeopleS has devised a way to bring us together. To shift our perspective toward our collective experience with the new music video to their latest single, “Blink.” Frontman Will Bradford put out a call to his fans, friends, and family to share video clips of what they’re doing to occupy their time. The results are no less diverse than the people involved, many of whom Portlanders will recognize.

Thematically the song deals with the often-overwhelming nature of life as a collection of moments, be they good, bad, dull, or stressful. It is often when life feels most upside down that we are genuinely experiencing events of significant importance — personally or collectively. As a bit of a history buff, Bradford often writes about our place in the overall context of humanity. Studying the rises, falls, monkey wrenches, and pools of tension which accumulate over time with an eagle-eyed view. It is inescapably true that our present circumstances will be remembered for generations to come, that we are living through historical events as we speak. Several local artists have already jumped in and found deeply personal, insightful, and sensitive ways to document what we’re thinking and feeling. This new video from SeepeopleS shows what we’re doing.

The video was produced by Anthony Marshall, whose name you certainly recognize if you’ve been to any of the last three years of Music Video Portland. The man is a filmmaking powerhouse and works extensively with the musical community, producing tons of music videos of an impressive variety of styles and genres. Recorded at Chillhouse Studios in Boston with producer Will Holland. “Blink” gives us a glimpse into what the next SeepeopleS record Field Guide For Survival In This Dying World has to tell us. The album is slated for release later this year, stay tuned!

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