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Strength In Acceptance — Sparxsea’s New Music Video "Little Wooden Boat"

Olive Twombly
1 min read

Portland-based indie-pop artist, Sparxsea is no stranger to the sensation of being set adrift in endless waves of uncertainty. Her brand-new music video for the single "Little Wooden Boat" features jaw-dropping footage from Holly Martin's adventures solo-sailing the globe — an incredible feat of trust in wild forces beyond our control.

The difference between being safe and unsafe is the ability to make clear decisions and the ability to trust. The rest is just acceptance.

The video was produced by Darrell Foster of Portland rock band Five of The Eyes, cut together from footage by Holly Martin from her YouTube channel Wind Hippie Sailing. Her beautiful, awe-inspiring journey pairs phenomenally with the song and is also worth checking out for its own sake. So if after watching the video you want more, head over to her channel.

Sparxsea is a rising star in Portland's pop scene and one to keep on watch. She's been working at Chillhouse Studios in Boston for her long-awaited debut full-length album following the release of several singles and an EP over the last few years.

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