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Video Premiere: TheWorst "Blacksheepish"

Olive Twombly
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I’ll start this article with a brief history lesson. Before it was Portland’s metal hotbed, Geno’s Rock Club on Congress Street was a punk venue. Longtime patrons will remember the days when a trio of women ran its music programming. Kaitlyn Tierney booked shows. TheWorst frontwoman Brooke Binion stationed the sound booth. And Brittany Goldych could be found collecting covers and checking IDs at the door.

Brooke & Brittany became fast friends.

“Brittany was actually the first person in Portland to ask me to hang out when I first moved here. I was so stoked because she seemed so punk and cool, and Geno’s intimidated me initially.” —Brooke Binion
The video features lots of live footage interspersed with cool lo-fi visual effects

In 2017 Brittany’s death by suicide shook many who knew her from Geno’s, Flask, and Portland’s music and art communities. She was somebody who a great many people cared for deeply. Brooke was, of course, among those devastated by her passing, as they were close friends. Brittany provided a great deal of the support, and encouragement Brooke needed to make TheWorst a reality.

It’s only right that the band’s first single from their upcoming album, and their first music video ever, is dedicated to her. Brittany’s favorite bands Sonic Youth and Hole inspired the sound and video aesthetics for Blacksheepish.

“When Brittany passed away, I did not see it coming. That bugged me because I feel like there have been lots of friends of mine where I would be sad, but not shocked. On a good day, I’m happy with what came of the song. Regardless of the day, I am pleased that we were able to at least capture something for her. It’s more like a gift than a tribute.”

Tonight, May 1st at 7pm, Brooke Binion of theWorst will be streaming a live concert along with Will Bradford in partnership with Rad Plaid. Head over to Rad Plaid's YouTube or Facebook to set a reminder.

Grab the new track on all streaming platforms. The new track was produced by Will Holland (Pixies, Fall Out Boy, Dead Can Dance) and engineered, mixed, and mastered at the legendary Chillhouse Studios in Boston, MA. This track is the first sneak peek of the band's as yet untitled-forthcoming album, and the first new material released since their critically acclaimed debut, Jane Doe Embryo released on RascalZRecordZ 2017.

The video was created and directed by Ryan Ordway at A Day In This Life Studios and is dedicated to beloved and departed friend, Brittany Goldych (1989-2017). Artwork for the single was done by the incomparable Tom Lowell.  The band is currently finishing the new album during the quarantine.

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