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Video Premiere: H-H-H-Horse Masks! — Bait Bag: “Horses”

Olive Twombly
1 min read

Showing off their range, North Haven feminist rock trio Bait Bagrelease their second music video “Horses.” Their first video — which has been nominated in this year’s Music Video Portland — and most of their work to date focuses on creating a space centered around the humanity of women. Important for sure, but sometimes we all need to take a lil’ break. Campy and absurd, “Horses” is a fun detour with Video Toaster-esque effects, a simple, catchy chorus, and oh gosh so many horse masks. Too good! The band had the following to say about their most recent release.

“The video was shot on location at Fiona Robins’ North Haven home. The singer and guitar player also directed and edited the video, which stars the band’s friends and family as mysterious equine visitors. Inspired by true events, the song is an infectiously energetic departure from the band’s more political fare.” —Bait Bag

Bait Bag has shows coming up in Portland as well as Midcoast Maine — check em out on!

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