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Video Premiere: Sparxsea "Chariot"

Sterling Salzberg
1 min read

Indie folk-pop artist Sparxsea has just released her second single, "Chariot," off the forthcoming album On The Sea (Sparxsea Music - Spring 2021). Chariot follows her debut single, "Little Wooden Boat," which received wide critical acclaim. She continues a unique sound of blending stunning sonic production with organic tones and instrumentation. Along with her deep, sometimes baritone vocals, down-tempo electro beats, and a carefully crafted lyricism in harmony alongside modern folk sensibilities, she has created a sound that is uniquely her own. In the tradition of cross-genre acts like Postal Service, Sufjan Stevens, and Flora Cash, her music weaves effortlessly between emotional anthems and inspiring psalms that deal with challenging hitting topics like loneliness and depression.

...Sparxsea is an angel sent here to inspire us. —Llewelyn Screen (AnR Factory)

"Chariot" was co-produced by Will Holland (Pixies, Dead Can Dance) and Will Bradford (SeepeopleS, TheWorst) and was recorded at the legendary Chillhouse Studios in Boston, MA.

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